1st Lindisfarne
Joey Scout Mob

Home page for the 1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob
Situated in southern Tasmania , Australia

We are a brand new Joey Scout Mob consisting of 20 eager energetic Joey Scouts ,
3 leaders , Yowie , Trout and Snake and our wonderful Scout helper, Bilby .

Our first Mob meeting was held on 1st May 2000 where we ran a getting to know you program , this 1st week there were 14 potential Joey Scouts turn up , the following week we were Sailors and had 17 potential Joey Scouts , the 3rd week we had a Mothers day program and 21 potential Joey Scouts in attendance , week 4 was a BP program , the youth were entranced with the stories of Baden-Powell that we told , it was fantastic to see such interest and enthusiasm , and our 5th night , the last meeting for term 1 , we had a special "Indulge mum" meeting , this was a fantastic program .

Firstly we had parade and asked the parents to return 15 minutes later . We got organised and then formed 2 lines of Joey Scouts at the door so that the Joeys could escort their mothers in like gentlemen :)

Each Joey Scout led their mother to a chair which we had positioned in a large horseshoe and placed a basin at their feet . While warm water and essential oils were being placed in the basins , the Joeys served their mothers with a glass of fruit juice and then performed a mini concert for them While Mum soaked her feet in a nice warm scented foot bath , after the concert , the Joey Scouts gave Mum a back massage or back scratch while the leaders topped up the warm water.

Mum was treated to a hand massage from her son and then invited to dry her feet and join us for some party food . Everyone , Mums , Joeys and leaders had a great time , this was a VERY successful program .


The 1st Lindisfarne Joey Scout Mob home page is in it's infancy , we intend to include term programs , special events and pictures in the very near future . We will be attending a Statewide event on the 2nd July 2000 and will create a section about this event for you to enjoy as soon as the pictures are taken and developed , so please bookmark this page and come back soon .

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1st Lindisfarne Joey Mob , Term 2 program 2000
1st Lindisfarne Joey Mob, Term 1 program 2001
Celebrating 10 years of Joey Scouting in Tasmania

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